Album of the Night

16 01 2010

Tonight I am playing a group that you might not have ever heard of. They are a Australian electronic music group called “Empire of the Sun”. The name of the album is called “Walking On A Dream”. The album is fairly old but I just recently got it and it a good decision. From the beginning of the album to the end you will be caught in the sun rays of the empire. The first song, “Standing on the Shore” is a great introduction to the CD. The single “Walking on A Dream”, which is the name of the album, sets a great tempo for the album being second as far as numbers go but was the first in singles. “We Are the People” is another notable song that will have you swaying back and forth as you relax and get ready for bed. “We Are the People” is also in the Vizio television commercials. It is a very good song and fits in well with the rest of the album. “Tiger By My Side” is another great song that is hard to hear because of the deep voice and the distant talk from another meaning full character. Looking up lyrics will help in getting a better grasp on what they are talking about and how they feel about certain topics like being a robot.

Overall the album is great it gets a 8.5 out of 10. I love this album so far and I have been playing it two weeks straight.



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