Album of the Night

19 01 2010

Tonight we don’t have an album but a song. The name of the song is “No Sad Goodbyes” by Swayzak. Yeah I can’t pronounce his name either. Before we start here is a youtube link to the song, “No Sad Goodbyes” This is a good lay back and kick up your feet type song. If you really want to you could probably jerk to it. I don’t jerk by the way, but the words are few and powerful if you catch it. What I like is in the first minute he says “Taking us back to the dark streets lit up with good intentions”, I just think that is a hot part of the song. It is a unique way of saying that he is from an area where they didn’t have many street lights but the ones they did have at least tried to be helpful. That part could have another meaning. Ones you listen to the song put up a comment on facebook account.

Thomas Ussery

See ya!!!



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