Well What Do You Know

20 01 2010

So I was chillin with my Pops right and some how we got on the conversation about our background and ancestry. He told me that we have Native American in our blood, which I don’t believe because everybody that is black claims that, and our last name get this is British. I was like “WWWHHHAAADD” how did you come to that conclusion. He said that since we have such a weird or odd last name he decided to look it up. I thought to myself I wont buy that even if I had to pay for it. So I decided to look it up myself you know might as well and come to find out I got my own family crest wish is kind of cool. It looks like a knight of sorts I like it. If I were to get a tattoo it would be that. It is kind of embarrassing but it is said that my name could also derive from the word hussey or hussy, which in the old days meant a woman who was the head of their own household. Empowering I know. I need to get a blood test done so I can know for sure. If anybody has info or knowledge about my last name contact me asap.



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