Drake and the cover art of “So Far Gone”

27 01 2010

Drake: Definitely. I write best about two things, which is evident from the cover of So Far Gone: the constant quest to understand love and money. I want it and I want to understand it.

I quote this straight from Complex Mag.

I never thought of Drake’s Cover art to be so…captivating and deep. I was always caught in awe by the cover but I never thought much of it unfortunately. Man I feel kinda of slow. Drake is only a few years older than me and I feel like we are light years apart, he is very smart for his age. He must of had very intelligent, confident and knowledgeable people help him in his growth.

P.S. Watch the Video too very good joe big ups to Complex.



3 responses

27 01 2010

drake ripped that cover off from non-format..


28 01 2010

who is non-format

28 01 2010

Thats why I love you Min put me on game and your my first comment good lookin. When I see you (or have abundance of money) I will buy you a happy meal or something.

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