28 01 2010

OK, I dont care what you think about this but this is something only people that know me will understand. I am a gamer well I play games a lot there is a difference mainly money. Gamers that are heavy in fighting games play the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Right now I am talking MVC 2, which involves a numberous amount of characters I am going to say pushing around 100. (Ryu, Strider Hiryu, Ken, the infamous Magneto,… dang I forgot a whole lot) My favorite character is Servbot, which is on the Capcom side of the game he appeared on the Mega Man (Asian version Rock Man) series and also The Tron Bonne game. On one of his special moves, a line of fifty servbots run to get lunch, the name of the move is called Lunch Rush (Asian version Chuushoku Rush). If you listen very carefully well not carefully cause he says it loud as all out doors, it sounds like he is yelling “RICE!!!”. So that is the story behind me saying, RICE!!! If you played the game you will get it if you have not just know I start trends for myself and me.



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