The iPad

28 01 2010

So Apple came out with a new baby today, the Ipad. To me at first look I thought it was just a big Itouch or Iphone but you can tell from the look that you might be able to blow up the world with it. (insert evil laugh GHA GHA GHA) The hardware in it is real heavy and you know it is apple so it has to be hot and useful. I looked up info on the Ipad on and got of course the heavy stuff, it is always to important to look at the third party sites for reviews because Apple comments and reviews are bias. It is their product of course. Some of the apps in the Ipad is the same as the Iphone and Itouch, they just reinvented it in a way. The web browser is Safari, because it is standard for apple products. They have the Mail app and the Itunes package which is great. Think of it like this when you first got your Iphone or Itouch whatever was first on it is the same thing on the Ipad. The difference is they put more into it and made it with more flash. Itunes uses more of the free space unlike the other two apple products. iphoto looks nice and redone and once again uses the space around it very nicely. On safari it feels like you are reading a newspaper when you are on Washington Post.

In the guts you have something…Nice you can say. 10 hours of battery life, mulit-touch screen so you can do all the cool things on the screen, it has two versions of it one only Wi-Fi and the other with Wi-Fi and 3G. I am guessing AT&T has something to do with that part of it. The LED inside the Ipad is good also, side note have you noticed that some websites or colors look different on Windoes than Mac…just saying. Back on point I can’t really tell you anything beside what I scrapped up in a day but lets talk about price there is three sizes of the Ipad, 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB.

Now pay attention the one only with Wi-Fi it goes $499, $599, and $699. That is three sizes for one model. The one with Wi-Fi and 3G goes $629, $729, $829. If I was to buy one I would wait until I see what it can do and how useful would it be in my life. I will keep you updated on the Ipad so visit often. If you have any info contact me ASAP so I can give it to the masses.



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