Top Rap/Hip Hop Artist As Of Right Now

28 01 2010

I was looking through my itunes and I thought to myself I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop on my itunes (I will never call it urban music never I say but that is another topic). So who is my favorite or best in my book. Since you asked I will tell you whom and why.

1) Drake – The reason why is my number one is because he talks about things I can honestly relate to. I never been in the trap because I am not a mouse, when I first heard Drake I was just getting into the female scene because they thought I was cute now(real sudden too but I am not mad tho 🙂 ) He is a person I myself can relate to, almost like a best friend. I been on Drake since “Comeback Season” and “Room for Improvement” so say something

2) J Cole – the up and comer is nice my boi Doss put me on and I been having a Dollar and a dream since. He has a hard persence that is needed in the game not to must but enough to know “Dont play with me I am hungry”

3) Wale – “I’m just doin what I got to do fly then the rest of them still GOT MY NIKE BOOTS” That is the first song I heard from Wale and I can tell you he go hard like goyard. It is honestly nice to see him progress from “100 miles & running” to a very health album.

4) Lupe Fiasco- “Enemy of the State” what huh?!?!?! Right enough said MTV played him and he was ok I got you and dropped a nice mixtape

5)Pharrell – I know he does not rap like that but he had a Cd called “In My Mind” and that album helped me get through High School and a little bit of College. Great music that it is.

Now this list is going to chance because I am switching depend on who comes out with something new or steps up their game. Right now I am about to listen to Philly Swain’s “Flos Amazing” That song is bananas.




2 responses

28 01 2010

I forgot Kanye…Dang

2 02 2010

i love drake and yes he is the best! soo cute!♥

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