Who Famous Would I Smash

28 01 2010

I know I am wilding out on this but as every else does I have crushes on famous females. I thought about it just now who would I smash. HMMMM. A deep question is it not(really not cause males think about it two times in a day).

Kind of in this order but

#10 Raven Symoné, She is a very…attractive person.

#9 Sade, She has a very strong mystique about herself.

#8 Salma Hayek, She is cute to me and most people will agree.

#7 Dollicia Bryan, You know Bow Wows ex’s…Yeah she looks…amazing in her pictures but I never saw up close though.

#6 Megan Fox, yeah needless to say. She is the 07,08,09,10 Jessica Alba

#5 Jessica Alba, Dark Angel what…what boy.

#4 Serena Williams 40 – Love.

#3Boa Kwon, She cute hehe (I got you Dan)

#2 Zoe Saldana she looks good in blue

#1 This spot is not going to be filled because this is not the real list I just though of the first girl I saw really, but this is close not the less.

This not to be taken as disrespectful or anything this is just me being a horny male, for the time being. Remember nobody comes first really besides my girlfriend.

If you have your own list or want to weigh in be my guess and go ahead. I encourage females to say there share also.



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