Album Of The Night

2 02 2010

Ok I am back from the weekend with the “Album Of The Night”. Tonight we have The Dream’s first album “Love Hate”. Everybody knows Dream from his nation known “Aye!!!” and “Ella!!!” and his song writing abilities with people such as Rihanna and Béyonce. The album “Love Hate”, which i have renamed five different times to something else, is a good album 4 1/2 stars out of 5 and a very good replay value. The Dream gets personal with his album right after the third song with “Nikki”. “Nikki” is a song you can tell he is talking about someone in particular who exactly maybe a ex-wife or something of that nature, who knows. The transition between songs is real good smooth and unconscious to the point you think that the first couple songs are one track. What made me get this album was the single “Falsetto”. Very descriptive about him putting it down on a chick he had to drive and see. He did it so good she was like “OOO OOO AHHH BABY in a falsetto”. That is what he said.

Shout outs to Ava for her birthday



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