Can’t Forget Where I Came From

11 02 2010

My name is Thomas Ussery, I was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 23, 1988. Being from Detroit you learn a lot of things like any normal person from hood or a rough neighborhood. I stayed on Evergreen and Plymouth that is where I grew up and have had most of my young memories at. From my first fight to boxing my friend Rowlando. I can remember it like yesterday Matter of fact it was yesterday , I would walk to the corner store and get my junk food which consisted of Better Made Chips Bar-B-Que of course, with a Faygo Redpop, and a 2 for $1 honey bun frosted. I would walk back to my boy house, Juan, and we would play games or a sport or do something stupid. On our side of the street we had a lot of people Lloyd, Jamar, Ronald, Rowlando before he moved, and some other Niggas people I can’t think of at the moment.

Those are some small moments that I could recall at the moment. Thank you for listening :-).




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