Wombo Combo!!!

11 02 2010

This is my shit. I love this I yell this in fighting games all the time, like when I play Soulcaliber 4 with my crew. A Wombo Combo is when two player gets a crazy combo on a unprotected player, disculpa.




4 responses

11 02 2010

this is some real gay ish..smh..i just wasted 49sec of my life lol

11 02 2010

your about to be spam keep play joe lol but naw you know when I used to get in your ass at call of duty and Melee…O glad to refresh your memory with the p90 Boi

12 02 2010

Lmao wow…u never bust my ass in call of duty…me and alfedo was runnin shit…plus we made your ass cry in super smash….nigga was all sad with the bill cosby pudding face lmao

12 02 2010

drawlin I got you when I come back and I will record it and I will put it and I will let the world know what the bidness lol

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