Just A Thought…

18 02 2010

I think back on things sometimes and I wish I would of done things differently. I wish I would of been of been great in football, great enough to go to college and beyond. I feel as if a lot of problems would have been off my shoulders if I would have done that. I wish I would of been harder on myself in all classes besides just math. I wish I had more of a back bone because I let people, more so my family and the ones I love run over me, and I dont vocalize my thoughts or opinions often. That hinders me sometimes that I keep shut when I want to shout and I stay when I want to leave. People tell me I can’t do things when I believe that I can try. I don’t know if you feel me on this subject really, it is kind of touchy and something I can’t shine light on but I believe the Lord will take care of things because He always has my back better than I do.

This is my calm.




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