Drake – Thank Me Later Preview

26 05 2010

Complex is my favorite site in the world. You know why? cause they find ways to give you what you want, like “Thank me later” album preview.


Drake And The Dream

6 04 2010

It finally grew on me, I suppose. Drake and The Dream have a song called Shut It Down. It leaked awhile ago, if there ever was a thing in this industry. and I been listening to it for awhile but when I sat down and listened, I liked it. I now see the idea behind thank me later and I will.

Album Of The Night – Midnight Hour

4 03 2010

Pharrell produced, wrote this song, well at least the hook and a lady named Natasha Ramos sings the song. The name of the song is called Midnight Hour. It is pretty old but I had my itunes on shuffle and put it on repeat as soon as I heard this familiar song. I hope you will enjoy this as much as Pharrell vibed to it.

Album Of The Night – In My Mind by Pharrell

27 02 2010

I will be listening to this album tonight because it is cold. I know most of you might not have the album, your fault. I will try to help on that. In the meantime enjoy Best Friend.

Album Of The Night

18 02 2010

“Songs From The Big Chair” is an album by Tears For Fears which is a 80’s pop rock group from Britain. This album only has eight songs and those great songs can be played from beginning to end and over again. Great production and even greater lyrics in each song.

Broken – Songs From The Big Chair

Album Of The Night

17 02 2010

Today we have a Musiq Soulchild song called, So Beautiful. Very good and relaxing song. It is on his recent album On My Radio. The song does a great job of putting you in a loving state of mind, I feel as if this is song I would to sing to my love. I could not find a nice copy on youtube so here is a direct link to his main site. And to his myspace which played rather quickly.

Album Of The Night

13 02 2010

You know that movie with Clinteast Wood in it and some asian people. Clinteast was hella racist in calling black people spooks funny as hell by the way. At the end of the movie when Clinteast Wood left on a good note, there was a song playing on the credits. I was digging that song for a minute. It has Clinteast Wood singing on the first verse and Jamie Cullum sings the does the rest but the entire soundtrack is beautiful and sets the mood of the movie.