The Story Of Jimmy Rebel

24 05 2010

Last’s night Boondocks episode was the best by far. If you missed it you can check out the bootleg site. I would hope you would watch it before we have this one sided conversation. As always Boondocks keeps it real and continues to question why niggas do what they do. In one part Jimmy comes out and says something very true, “It is not about the color,” I don’t remember the rest. After watching the whole show, laughing and thinking I enjoyed myself to a level where I would and should spread the word and also change my ways.

P.S. If you watch Boondocks and you don’t feel the slightest convicted or want to change in way then I don’t know what to tell you.


Heart!!!, Earth!!!, Wind!!!, Something Something

22 04 2010

O I got the wrong one.

Here we go.

OK this is it…stepmania version. I need start checking the video before I slap them on here huh.

In honor of Earth Day Shout Out to earth. I am going to play this song and buy some captain planet gear from the foundation.

The Last Episode Of Soul Eater

12 04 2010

I finally finished the 51 episode series of Soul Eater. The show is great but the ending was…not so much. I didn’t understand it so much, put it like that. I looked it up on Wikipedia and it cleared things a little. Not much although. The demon god went crazy which is weird cause he has been normally cool like dry ice.NICE Make Albarn defeated him and that is it. Meh wish it was better tho.

Chowder and Flap jack

18 02 2010

So I was put on to The Misadventures Of Flapjack and Chowder through my crazy cousins and I promise you that is a funny ass show by far. I used to watch it on it random kiddieness and the fact that it can both be the next spongebob. Here are some clips.

couldn’t find what I wanted for chowder sorry

Pickles & Prune Juice

28 01 2010

I watch T.V. with my little sisters a lot whom are six and three. Unfortunately they watch a lot of kid shows which most kids do. If you don’t know I am a big kid that does kid things at times. (that explains the servbots and other cartoon characters I have on Facebook.) My favorite show as of right now is “Wow Wow Wubbzy”. He has a tail  and bounces up and down on it like a kangaroo of sorts it is a great kids show I laugh at it all the time. Hopefully you will watch it one day it comes on Nick Jr in the day time.