New Site

27 05 2010

Say good bye to this old thing it is time for a up grade. I had a big help from Dan Le to make a new site. I will delete this one soon so enjoy the new blog site.


The Story Of Jimmy Rebel

24 05 2010

Last’s night Boondocks episode was the best by far. If you missed it you can check out the bootleg site. I would hope you would watch it before we have this one sided conversation. As always Boondocks keeps it real and continues to question why niggas do what they do. In one part Jimmy comes out and says something very true, “It is not about the color,” I don’t remember the rest. After watching the whole show, laughing and thinking I enjoyed myself to a level where I would and should spread the word and also change my ways.

P.S. If you watch Boondocks and you don’t feel the slightest convicted or want to change in way then I don’t know what to tell you.

In My Absent.

18 03 2010

Well as you may have noticed I have not been on the blog like I usually am, it is because I have cracked down and looked for a job as hard as I can. You know times is rough and I am trying to get back to AZ so I can jump start my life, but everything comes in time. So far I am almost there with a job I just have to wait and see, so I pray Lord please let me get this job.

Yo You Got To See This

27 02 2010

So I was looking at this Russian site Or something like that and they had this video. When I get back to AZ I am going to hug my young boi.

The Swine Flu was Bull$h!†

25 02 2010

If you didn’t already know or think about it, the swine flu was some bull just so some companies can get money. The WHO Yes the band said that the H1N1 or the swine flu virus was entirely new and highly contagious. That was in the beginning around the mid 2009 season. Here in the present 2010 you here nothing about the Swine Flu. It was over hyped with fear tactics and supply with demand. I know many people who didn’t even go out to get the shot and because of that many countries brought so many and have left overs. This article in the Time Magazine goes more in depth.

Drake Don’t Fail

19 02 2010

You remind me of like a best friend that you bet can beat anybody in a game. You are so sure you would bet money on like “whad up”. So here we are I have been listening to you for some years before you got Justin Wong famous. Video game reference don’t worry about it. I have had you mixtapes since 07 08 ish like Comeback Season and Room For Improvement what I tell you about playing bad notes uhhh and I have enjoyed every song and mixtape take that back official mixtape you have done. We are now on Thank Me Later. I hope and pray you don’t fail.I won’t here the end of it from Dave I swear. So I am saying I guess don’t let the true fans that said to their friends “O nigga you got to hear this” down because for me anyway you mean a lot. Thank you for everything you have thus far. Yes It Exist

17 02 2010

So peep game, you have google right everybody uses Google. Either to look up things that they like or just to find out about anything. Anyway it goes you use Google. Well now it is this site called Basically, it is four google broswers in one. It is nice but I don’t know when I will exactly use it. You can check it out for yourself here It seems like they are having problems but it did exist!!! Me no lie.