23 05 2010

I don’t know if you don’t know about this guy but he is NICE. His name is Curren$y, yes Curren$y. Just like that dollars sign and everything. He also goes by the name of Hot Spitta cause he spits fire like a dragon. He used that in Independence day. Curren$y has been around for awhile he is most know for going undefeated on BET’s 106 & Park. After that he has been some record companies the most popular are No Limit and Cash Money / Young Money Ent.

Once that chapter was done and behind him, he dropped a mixtape every month for free just to get him name out there. Indeed it worked out for the best, he is now signed with Dame Dash on a new label, I think it is called DD172. Here is a link to creative control recording Curren$y at Under 100 – Adidas. It was live I can tell.


Johan Hex – Trailer

21 05 2010

This looks good for many reasons one Megan Fox is in it. Two it is from a D.C comic book and three Megan Fox is in it after being dropped from Transformers More than meets the eye. So enjoy and watch when it comes out should be good.

I Am Playing This At All My Parties.

14 05 2010

My boy Dan just put me on to this song and I like it real talk. What man does not like a song about girls moving their butts to the left and then to the right. Sounds like “I Like To Move It”, you know the song on Madagascar, don’t front you know it.

Monica Bellucci

2 04 2010

credit for the picture goes to http://admirablekna.vox.com/library/post/monica-bellucci-pictures.html. Thank you I kind of…jacked your picture of her.

Dang, she look good. Is all I can think to say right now. Monica Bellucci played in two movies that you might know actually three. She played in the last two Matrix movies and she played in Shoot ’em up with Clive Owen. She is elegant and seems like a wonderful person to be around.

Enough said.