New Site

27 05 2010

Say good bye to this old thing it is time for a up grade. I had a big help from Dan Le to make a new site. I will delete this one soon so enjoy the new blog site.


The Story Of Jimmy Rebel

24 05 2010

Last’s night Boondocks episode was the best by far. If you missed it you can check out the bootleg site. I would hope you would watch it before we have this one sided conversation. As always Boondocks keeps it real and continues to question why niggas do what they do. In one part Jimmy comes out and says something very true, “It is not about the color,” I don’t remember the rest. After watching the whole show, laughing and thinking I enjoyed myself to a level where I would and should spread the word and also change my ways.

P.S. If you watch Boondocks and you don’t feel the slightest convicted or want to change in way then I don’t know what to tell you.


23 05 2010

I don’t know if you don’t know about this guy but he is NICE. His name is Curren$y, yes Curren$y. Just like that dollars sign and everything. He also goes by the name of Hot Spitta cause he spits fire like a dragon. He used that in Independence day. Curren$y has been around for awhile he is most know for going undefeated on BET’s 106 & Park. After that he has been some record companies the most popular are No Limit and Cash Money / Young Money Ent.

Once that chapter was done and behind him, he dropped a mixtape every month for free just to get him name out there. Indeed it worked out for the best, he is now signed with Dame Dash on a new label, I think it is called DD172. Here is a link to creative control recording Curren$y at Under 100 – Adidas. It was live I can tell.

Inception – Trailer

21 05 2010

I think I have done this before but just to make sure this should be an update from the last one. Looks like something on the lines of The Matrix.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

20 05 2010
¡O le!

Me in a sombero

I took this picture the day of so I know it is late but Feliz Cinco De Mayo. I saw the hat in the break room of my job, and just so people know I am not taking any shots at anyone.

Shout Out

19 05 2010

Prom Day

Shout Out to my boi Jaelon Parker-Humphries, in this picture he was going to Prom me and my boi Doss took care of him like he is our own blood. He is about to go to college and do big things, so much love on his road to success. JETS FOOL & LKF

What You Drinkin On?

19 05 2010

Ok so I love food and I love drinks also. Without drinks, food would have nothing accommodate it. So I decided to give you insight on drinks that you can try or look out for. Today we have a classic that have been under the radar for a few people and that is the Arizona Ice Tea Mucho Mango.

Arizona Ice Tea Mucho Mango

Alot of mango