Johan Hex – Trailer

21 05 2010

This looks good for many reasons one Megan Fox is in it. Two it is from a D.C comic book and three Megan Fox is in it after being dropped from Transformers More than meets the eye. So enjoy and watch when it comes out should be good.


Splice – Trailer

21 05 2010

First off how is this a trailer.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead – Trailer

21 05 2010

The reason I put this in is because this movie derives from “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead”, which comes from Hamlet, which comes from the mind of Shakespeare.

Charlie St. Cloud – Trailer

21 05 2010

Ok I don’t like Zac except that one song he made it, but he is going to be in this movie and it looks intriguing. The trailer explains the movie.

Inception – Trailer

21 05 2010

I think I have done this before but just to make sure this should be an update from the last one. Looks like something on the lines of The Matrix.

I Am Playing This At All My Parties.

14 05 2010

My boy Dan just put me on to this song and I like it real talk. What man does not like a song about girls moving their butts to the left and then to the right. Sounds like “I Like To Move It”, you know the song on Madagascar, don’t front you know it.

Finished My Part For The Movie

20 04 2010

So I finally finished my part in the movie it was fun, it felt good to be apart of something that I have been interested in ever since childhood. I come to find out that acting is not what I want. I did enjoy the experience although. The name of the movie is called blinded by site and there is alot of talent in the movie. Renate Matthews is the writer on this movie and Juan (can’t think of his last name sorry) is the Director. They both will have very bright futures in their careers because GOD is leading them. As far as I know the movie will be entered in to many film festivals.