Drake – Thank Me Later Preview

26 05 2010

Complex is my favorite site in the world. You know why? cause they find ways to give you what you want, like “Thank me later” album preview.



23 05 2010

I don’t know if you don’t know about this guy but he is NICE. His name is Curren$y, yes Curren$y. Just like that dollars sign and everything. He also goes by the name of Hot Spitta cause he spits fire like a dragon. He used that in Independence day. Curren$y has been around for awhile he is most know for going undefeated on BET’s 106 & Park. After that he has been some record companies the most popular are No Limit and Cash Money / Young Money Ent.

Once that chapter was done and behind him, he dropped a mixtape every month for free just to get him name out there. Indeed it worked out for the best, he is now signed with Dame Dash on a new label, I think it is called DD172. Here is a link to creative control recording Curren$y at Under 100 – Adidas. It was live I can tell.

I Am Playing This At All My Parties.

14 05 2010

My boy Dan just put me on to this song and I like it real talk. What man does not like a song about girls moving their butts to the left and then to the right. Sounds like “I Like To Move It”, you know the song on Madagascar, don’t front you know it.

This Song Is Bananas

14 05 2010

So here is the trailer for Little Big Planet 2 and it looks good but my main focus is on the song in the background. OMG is it the best song I heard in the last year…maybe not, in the last day…might but any way it is hot. I want this song on my itunes asap.

New Artist – Blak

2 05 2010

If you don’t know this guy you need to, he nice. Blak is a Detroit Christian rapper…if you want to call it that. He go to hard to be in that category. He has two albums on his belt and they both are good. He has been making his own music and if you listen to his songs you can see the growth in his skill. First album is Judgment, which is as real as it comes. The second album was the testament. That album shows growth and him putting my work in his carft. If you want to see the truth go on itunes and type in “blak” and look for those albums. Enjoy.

Heart!!!, Earth!!!, Wind!!!, Something Something

22 04 2010

O I got the wrong one.

Here we go.

OK this is it…stepmania version. I need start checking the video before I slap them on here huh.

In honor of Earth Day Shout Out to earth. I am going to play this song and buy some captain planet gear from the foundation.

The Music Video For Over Finally Dropped

12 04 2010

As we know the single “Over” has been release for a while now from Drake’s upcoming album “Thank Me Later”In Which I plan on doing. I saw the video and I think it is great. The director who is Anthony Mandler does a great job of, what appears to me as, showing what is inside Aubrey at this point and time. Alot of turmoil maybe but confused but controlled chaos. I don’t know if anyone knows but he was to be married at one point in his life. I say that because the part towards the end kind of made a point at her but maybe it is just me I don’t know.

You can watch the video on OVO website, on the wake and watch section of complex, or Dj Romeo G. site for Drake fans.